Jul 11, 2013

Nokia Lumia 1020 Presentation in New York City

The Nokia Lumia 1020 was officially presented today in New York City. Above is the footage streamed live by CNETTV from the event.
The actual presentation starts at around 16 minutes in.
CEO Stephen Elop steps in after an introduction cinematic and starts by emphasizing how Nokia recognized people's passion for pictures early on into the mobile game.

Santa's little aides

A more in-depth look at the tech behind the new Nokia flagship comes around 25 minutes into the video, when Elop calls two engineers on stage with him. However, Elop just keeps his employees as sort of mascots and barely lets them talk at all, performing mostly just a few demos. It is hard to think of an reason why Elop dragged these two people there. Possibly to pay respect to their work by keeping them standing on stage like little kids after doing a good deed at school?

The name of the zoom game

What about the name of the event "ZOOM. REINVENTED"? This slogan gets explained in around 32 minutes into the video. Nokia Lumia 1020 sports six Zeiss lenses that should keep photos crisp even when zooming in way into the photo you have taken with the device. In a demo, the presenters on stage show how the Lumia 1020 zoom is actually just a way of focusing, while you still retain the size of image you would take without zooming in. This means you can zoom in on points of interests and still move back to the wider view after taking the photo.

Apps and accessories

Alongside the new flagship device, Nokia is releasing a new camera app, called "Nokia Pro Camera". The presentation of this app occurs in more or less 38 minutes into the video. Camera settings are now available faster in the sense that there is a real-time feedback on what the effect does to the would-be photo. You can even manually choose the focal point of the photo, which seemed liked the coolest thing in this particular demo.

Also some light-painting is done with the Lumia 1020, not necessarily a new trick but long-exposure photography on a phone camera is something cool too. This happens around the 42 minutes mark.

Nokia is also releasing as an accessory a snap-on camera grip, which seems very interesting and useful. This accessory is introduced at around 50 minutes. The camera grip adds battery life to the device and of course includes a tripod mount.

Special mention

A great question about at first a seemingly grass-roots thing for Elop comes from a Forbes journalist late in the video, concerning how mobile phones are being sold and promoted to people in stores. Very good question and inspiring to watch real journalism take place like this.


  1. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    as a first time visitor to your blog I am very impressed.
    thank you :)

    1. Hi and thanks for the comment! I'm currently using the Lumia 1020 and a review on that device might be coming.