Jul 23, 2013

Ubuntu Edge: top-end smartphone with crowdfunding

Is there room in the future for cutting-edge technology that gets its funding from individuals willing to donate?
The answer might again be at hand when the Ubuntu Edge -project will reach its funding deadline on Indiegogo within 30 days of time as of today.

The Ubuntu Edge is an ambitious project to produce a high-end smartphone that can be used as a thin client -type of desktop computer as well. On the video above, Mark Shuttleworth explains some concepts mostly from the hardware perspective of the project.

The Edge would feature sleek design with strong materials and a bunch of power and storage inside; it seems as if the team is almost trying to find or generate a new market niche. "Convergence" is the magic word you will hear a lot, probably in the future too. Even if this project's funding fails, it could prove to be a strong nudge towards PC and smartphone to merge.

If you are anxious to find out more about this concept phone, check the Indiegogo page for Ubuntu Edge here. Below you can find the promo video about the software side of things as well:

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