Aug 1, 2013

The Moto X comes out

So the Motorola Moto X came out. All the hype for this day leaves the question: What's up with it then?

Well, for some weird reason, it doesn't run the latest Android just yet. The lock screen has an option, or a feature, called Active Display for the user to move straight into latest notifications such as text messages instantly with a swipe.

The camera flick switch might not work as well as we expected. The gesture seems a little strange from what we expected as well as time-wise, it appears to be as slow as pressing and holding a camera button to start shooting.

The colours and price tag seem to be hilarious on this device. One thing we noticed is that the Moto X seems to borrow design cues from the indie phone ADzero, especially when a "wooden" backplate is snapped on.

Google and Motorola have made a strange device that has yet to prove a thing or two. We would love to try it!

Source video by: The Verge

Wood backs video: Android Central

Quick draw video: Motorola

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