Jul 7, 2013

Clever marketing tactics

Photo: Verkkokauppa.com
PhoneSplurt spotted a Facebook advertisement with a seemingly nice deal for festival participants this summer. A closer look at the actual products included in the package revealed something incredibly simple but amazingly clever.

The Verkkokauppa.com tent package includes a tent, a raincoat, a sleeping pad as well as a sleeping bag. The price for all this is super cheap - just ten euros. The tent is also described to be ready for sleeping in five seconds from the moment the user starts setting it up.

This is an amazing deal for the consumer. However, it can be even more amazing for the Finnish company, since all products have the company logo slapped on them. And that logo is huge. It is sure to gain attention even if only one tent is set up among tents that are different by their shape, size or color.

Image: Verkkokauppa.com

And then we come to the fact that these packages are dirt-cheap. That really appeals to the Finnish mentality where saving money is the biggest consideration when buying even the smallest things. The store is already sold out of these packages, which means that hundreds of tents are already being used this summer with their brand on them. The visibility and interest in the company is multiplied if you can see patches of these orange tents laying around a festival area.

People tie their personal experiences with these products and generate an unwitting hype for the company. Way to go, Verkkokauppa.com!

Verkkokauppa.com is the second largest electronics retailer in Finland. They have been in the forefront of electronics retail business for many years now with merits such as sending a Lumia 920 to space and back. In 2013, they were the third most well-known online brand in Finland after Google and Facebook. They were the first Finnish retail company to introduce Android smartphones to the national market in 2009 with HTC Hero.

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