Aug 8, 2013

LG G2 event illustrated nutshell!

LG CEO holding the G2
"Innovation for the sake of innovation is old school"
The LG (Optimus) G2 was unveiled yesterday at New York City with an interesting show you can watch here. We followed a few live blogs from the scene to gather up information for you in a tiny package about this new smartphone, of course driven by illustrations and featuring the most memorable quotes from the event.

LG design explained in-depth on stage
"The rear key is the only physical key on this device."

James Fishler presenting LG G2 five breakthroughs
"The LG G2's five breakthroughs mean one thing - that life is good!"

The five breakthroughs?


The device has been designed with the ideal size and control for a handheld device in mind. There are no physical buttons to be found in the front, left and right sides of the G2. Instead, the buttons to launch memo functions and camera app have been placed on the back, right below the camera lenses.


The front of the device is pretty much all-screen thanks to the physical button placement. The screen features a Full HD IPS display where focus has been shifted towards subpixels to generate a better viewing experience. The "GRAM" or Graphic RAM supposedly reduces the power usage and enhances graphics.


The 13-megapixel camera on the back has OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) built-in to reduce motion blur from shaky hands etc.


The G2 delivers 24-bit 192kHz sound. Some arguments against the need for 24-bit sound have risen before. Audiophiles will most probably like this direction of development however. Arguments for the benefits of 24-bit sound can be found here.


The user experience on the G2 has been tweaked from the standard Android experience to include some features that are relatively familiar already from the likes of the Nokia N9, such as the swiping away from an app or the double tap to wake the phone. Listed below are the ones introduced more in-depth in the presentation.

  Answer Me promises to deliver an intuitive experience when answering a call. It is supposed to foretell if the user is going to answer the phone and connect the call automatically. We sure hope this function doesn't prove to be too keen to make decisions for the user.

  Plug & Pop alters the home screen on your device when you plug a headset into the headphone jack of the G2. The apps that are most likely to be used with headphones pop on the lower part of the screen for you to pick quickly.

  Text Link is supposedly opening apps for you to run on the background when you receive text messages with dates and such information that might need to be put on the calendar or notes.

  Guest Mode is pretty self-explanatory, this feature is meant to generate a feeling of security when giving your G2 to another person. Basically it is another content control application, sort of what stock Android already has with its different user accounts feature.

Sources: engadget, phonearena


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