Jul 29, 2013

Video: MWC 2013 rockstars

The mobile industry boat is getting a decent rock after many years of dominance by the big two both in OS and hardware manufacturers - these of course being iOS and Android on the software side, and Apple and Samsung in hardware. Elsewhere than the top, many hungry players remain and new ones pop out with an ever stronger resonance now that innovation seems to be scarce for the market leaders.

PhoneSplurt focused on a pretty old source of information for this post. It is a video from the Mobile World Conference held early this year, which features three mobile industry officers from the hungry side - Jolla, Canonical and Mozilla. Jolla is of course going to release its handset very soon, Ubuntu is doing well in the Indiegogo campaign for the funding of the Edge device and Mozilla has released their Firefox OS.

Old piece of bitstream

So what is there to watch in this old video? Well, it still holds value to PhoneSplurt mostly because it showcases what kind of start-up companies/projects we currently have with some amazing ideas and at the same time it is a display of the mental muscle needed to go at realizing those great ideas. Moreover, the video is very interesting in retrospective, understanding the current state of things with the participants.

PhoneSplurt illustration players

The panel

The panel discussion starts with a seeming consensus of what is wrong with the mobile world and perhaps all digital communication these days. However, throughout the discussion, the tone of the companies Canonical and Mozilla seems slightly aggressive and irritated. And I do mean companies by how they act in terms of hunger for their own bit of market share in the industry.

The one who really seems to keep genuinely cool and bright eyed with enthusiasm all the way is Jolla's Marc Dillon, who expresses how important diversity is for innovation and obviously doesn't seem too pressured about market share growth or actually anything at all.

Maybe this behavior explainable when we take a look at what all these rockstars are promising us: Jolla has very much confidence that its product will be exactly what they have set out to do. The others still have to sort of prove themselves that they can efficiently step to this new ground for them and take on the mobile industry demands. And that step still remains the first one no matter how confident they are with their products.

This video proves one thing: In these times there definitely is innovation, there are bold moves. However, PhoneSplurt is, as usual, afraid that only time will tell what will really happen.

PhoneSplurt Android and Apple running with ball

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