Jul 14, 2013

Video: LWUIT webinar on building an effective UI

Earlier this spring, Nokia introduced the new Asha 501 to "reinvent the affordable smartphone category". It is a very interesting phone we must say, possibly it is at the forefront of a trend that places phones with lesser spec sheets back into focus for consumers.

LWUIT stands for LightWeight User Interface Toolkit. It is a plugin for the Asha SDK and includes a new library and comes with extensive guidelines on how to develop for new Asha devices.
The video above mostly discusses what eight new user interface components LWUIT has to offer and shows examples to the usage of these features in code as well as how they look when ran in an emulator.

This approach probably works well to lure in new developers by offering and alternative for reading through the webpages for starters. Also, the basic principle of show and tell(or rather tell and show here) works, as the LWUIT starts to seem very comprehensive.

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