Jul 20, 2013

The Moto X flick switch

Motorola Moto X flick gesture 
The Motorola Moto X probably needs no introduction at this point in time. The upcoming smartphone that's been developed by Motorola and Google closely together is to be announced 1st of August. Until then the rumor mill rides on with some reinforcements we read about recently.

Flick to snap

A camera on the back of a mobile phone has become part of everyday life in the western hemisphere. More and more people use the camera of their mobile handset to capture moments and the devices have proven to be useful at that. Their development hasn't been finished however, as especially Nokia has proven so many times and most recently with the Lumia 1020.

The Moto X however is not very likely to meet the standards of the Lumia 1020 when it comes to, say, sheer amount of megapixels. And why should it? It seems they have already come up with a very solid innovation for mobile phone cameras. And that's all about how quickly a user can actually start taking photos.

Early birds

This interview with Microsoft's Joe Belfiore on All Things D comes to a point at around 9 minutes into the video about how they decided to put dedicated camera buttons on each Windows Phone device. The camera button actually works above the lock screen and thus is meant to reduce the steps the user has to take in order arrive at the camera app. Just push the button and you're ready to shoot.

Microsoft's solution is on the right track but doesn't work very fast albeit it does significantly reduce steps. The Moto X is supposedly having a camera app that initializes once the user does a flick gesture with the phone in hand. This sounds superbly fast and simple method if it works correctly, and might define a new way to engage into mobile phone photography sessions. We just have to wait and see.

UPDATE: Check the Moto X as it became consumer reality: http://phonesplurt.blogspot.fi/2013/08/the-moto-x-comes-out.html

sources: The Verge, All Things Digital

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