Jul 17, 2013

The hype machines

At the PhoneSplurt HQ we have some very talented illustrators working and this is what we found laying around on their computers. After all, we always check what our employees are up to every week.

First, we have the company that formed after people put a lot of effort on the amazing N9 which was hardly noticed, for the most part by Nokia itself. Our artist obviously believes in Jolla having created this front cover page of a magazine but still decided to come up with a different typeface for the logo. Oh and changed the name.

The other illustration is what Asian Android dealers are going to start to fear. Or that's at least what Nokia sure is hoping. The Asha 501. Reasonably priced, very lightweight, redesigned UI, top notch industrial design... the list goes on. Now to think of it myself, I also think the Asha 501 might actually be a showstopper! Amazing work, guys.

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