Jul 1, 2012

Nokia N95 8GB

Hello and welcome to PhoneSplurt. This is a blog featuring mostly photographs and illustrations of the latest smartphones. We will also be covering some older smartphones in our blog.

The main point of this blog is to share imagery of smartphones and have fun making those images. You can expect something creative and crazy stuff.

Again, you are very welcome and we hope you enjoy the things you see. Now let's kick off the blog with a smartphone classic.

The Nokia N95 8GB in 2012 isn't actually a painful sight. The old flagship has sustained most of its elegance. The plastic body looks and feels solid: it doesn't creak or squeak.

The slider keyboard is in great shape as well. Notice those media keys in the introduction pic? They also work great with the software although I've been rather cynical about Symbian as long as I can remember. The OS v9.2 works pretty smoothly on this one.

The best feature of the phone has to be the camera. Even today it takes incredibly crisp images. Also the adjustments you can make in the camera app are more than generous. The video-editing tool is another great app on this one.

Connectivity options include the likes of a mini-USB port, Bluetooth and even Wi-Fi, which works fine altogether with the browser. For example, watching YouTube videos proved to be no problem at all for the N95 8GB.

 Nowadays the N95 8GB sure looks chubby, but it still has "quality" written all over it. The fat looks at least hide fat features. We've listed some in the pic below.

 The N95 8GB is still loads of fun in 2012. The OS is a bit of a mess but responds quickly. The camera is more than capable when you need to take a quick snap and you don't have your no.1 camera nearby. This handset receives a 5/5 rating from PhoneSplurt! It's a true classic.

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