Jul 7, 2012

Lumia 800

The phone you see here is the Nokia Lumia 800. What have I heard about it? It's running Windows Phone 7, it's not made in Finland, there's no support for Windows Phone 8 operating system whenever that comes out. 

True or false, a lot of these statements had a certain tone of voice. That made PhoneSplurt very eager to find out how much fun this device actually is. None of the sources coming up with their claims really said that Lumia 800 is a bad smartphone. So maybe they're trying to hide something?

The color scheme on our test model is two-colored: cyan and black. They make a pretty mix, and the look of the WP operating system fits the design n-i-c-e-l-y.

Sharing photos is fast and easy, since most parts of the operating system feature immediate share functions within them.

This is a panorama shot we took with the Creative Studio app. Intense!

The boxes that Lumia 800s are packed in looked pretty nice so we decided to give them a shot. That's a lot of phones to test right there! Oh I wish it was...

The biggest kick we got out of the Lumia 800 was the thing that Nokia most often does. It delivers products that are very much tied to the moment of their production, even by their looks. This phone oozes the early 2010s. This means the Lumia 800 will be able to deliver feelings of nostalgia when you find it laying around in your attic in 2022.

The Lumia 800 is however a phone manufactured by multi-national companies.

The cherry on top of it all: the 8 megapixel Carl Zeiss camera. Now what's the verdict boys?

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