Jun 20, 2013

Visual design principles according to mobile manufacturers

Following our last night's post about iOS, PhoneSplurt delved deeper into the software visual design ideals of different mobile handset companies. Below are a few fruitful links we found!


The Nokia developer page is delightfully informative and goes even so far as actually educating the developers with featured images. The Gestalt principles of human perception can be studied on the site, with no immediate need to flick through Wikipedia simultaneously. Nokia has nailed it in teaching budding developers/designers. Only thing that could be demanded is video content for people who prefer those.

Windows Phone

Microsoft lists principles of Windows Phone design beautifully and up to the current trends of web design. The page is delightful to read through because of big images and short paragraphs that sum up the information needed in creating design for the Windows Phone. Once the reader of this page finds their way deeper into the dev center, things start really cooking with lots of good examples. One great page on the guidelines for tile design can be found here.


The Apple Developer Library offers heaps of information. Strangely enough though, walls of text occur and reading can be somewhat tedious compared to earlier examples. The link above takes you to the Mac side of things, which features better informational imagery in our opinion.
Check here for iOS section.


The final treat is Google's design principles for their new look. We've always felt that Google has been a little messy and lacking unity in its designs, however the new look behaves much smoother.
Their Android developer site is also something to take a look at, with great visualizations and good information.

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