Apr 27, 2013


Every human action is based on a pattern of some sort, and often a single action is directed by several overlapping behavioral patterns. For example, storytellers can make interesting characters by making up complex but fictitious patterns of behavior. PhoneSplurt utilizes patterns in reviewing. This post tells you how we do that.

Some of the principles in reviewing:

- Are the sources reliable?
- How does this piece of work come across?
- Is there a target group? How are they taken into consideration?
- Is the piece of work aesthetically pleasing? Why?

These are the cornerstones, which we intend to swap if the piece of work in question demands such action. They are also targeted to be ever-evolving. Before we had a more aesthetically oriented view, and that view has been since turned towards more something in the likes of design critique.

If it comes apparent that our review methods are missing something fundamental, we intend to change that as soon as possible. In a way, we review our reviews.

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