Aug 2, 2012


This is an upcoming wooden smartphone, ADzero. The ADzero is marketed as "world's first bamboo smartphone" by the company AD Creative. Their webpage features several
photos of the product.

Bamboo occupies the most of the ADzero's exterior, while the operating system will be a modified Google Android known as ADAOS. The bamboo provides an extremely sturdy shell for the smartphone, since it can be even tougher than oak if processed.

Several people are currently working on the ADzero smartphone and it's launch is set to be around the end of 2012 or early 2013.
PhoneSplurt is super eager to test this phone when it pops out. We have great respect towards eco-friendliness and sustainability
since we are located in the woods.

PhoneSplurt also loves bleeding-edge mobile technology. We think that smartphone makers could take their arms race towards ecological aspects and pursue making the greenest smartphones ever. This would be very beneficial to consumers especially from our point of view.

After seeing the ADzero, PhoneSplurt is left thinking: 
What would be the lightest and most sustainable material to make into a smartphone casing?

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